ORBITA Launches Zigbee Wireless Door Plate

2021-11-10 16:21
After several years application of ORBITA Zigbee wireless hotel locks at different projects, ORBTIA extends its Zigbee wireless transmission technology to Door Plate products based on the satisfactory performances of Zigbee wireless locks.
The Zigbee door plate, embedded with ORBITA Zigbee module, is able to take Wiegand signals from in-room touch screen switches or card holders and send the corresponding room status and service information to hotel room service center via Zigbee router. The Zigbee router itself can be monopolized or shared with wireless lock. Thereby, the room service information such as MUR, DND, Guest In, Guest Out etc. can be sent to room service center without any delay.
ORBITA Zigbee wireless door plate realizes part of the smart hotel system function with minimum investment and labor especially for those hotels installed ORBITA Zigbee wireless locks as the room plate shares the same Zigbee router with Zigbee locks.
ORBITA Zigbee door plate is not just a door signage, but a smart, reliable and cost saving solution to improve hotel service. 

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