ORBITA Quick Start Manual down

2021-08-18 09:09

Handheld is a hand-held off-line device designed for our hotel mifare smart door locks, with its unique English large-screen display function, which can be easily and quickly completed the intelligent initialization of the door lock system, clock school Inspection, data acquisition, view records and other operations.

Equipment appearance

2. Instructions

1. Power on and off: when the handset is power off, press the red button under left side for 3 seconds, it will be powered on, and vice-versa.
2. Low power alarm: When the battery voltage is lower than the required range voltage, the handset will automatically enter into the shutdown picture, and then turn off.
3. Battery charging indication: when connecting the handset with the PC and red light flashing means it is on charging. After finish charging, the red light will stop flashing.

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