ORBITA Semi-Conducto Electric Wine Cooler/minbar Operation Manual

2021-08-18 10:10
1.Particular Precautions
  • In order to function at its potentital,this wine cooler need to be
  • placed on flat floor,with 2cm spaces at each side and 10cm at the backside.
  • Use the adjustale (iron case) to place the cellar fully horizontal
  • Avoid direct sunshine and carry high temperature.
  • Hot food should be cooled down before palceing in the cellar.
  • Do not mix uncooked food with cooked food.
  • Do not place heavy articles on the top of the cella
  • Shut off power supply before cleaning cabiner
  • Take out food and shelves,and the clean the cabinet with
  • soda water first and with clean water last.
  • Do not use soap or detergent for the cabinet.
  • Clean the cellar regularly.
Electric Principle Diagram