Grand Plaza, Ljubljana installed ORBITA 3142 Lock

2021-10-29 16:55
Grand Plaza,Lijubljana is a new 5-star hotel catering to large conferences in Ljubljana,Slovania. The 356 rooms of hotel Grand Plaza cover 20 floors and the restaurant at the top offers perhaps the finest views of the city. Centrally located, Grand Plaza has a conference capacity of up to 350 delegates, with 7 meeting rooms all with day light on the first floor, as well as the possibility to bring in cars, making it an attractive destination for automotive events. There is parking for 120 cars and a restaurant capacity of 600.
After grand opening, Grand Plaza Lijubljana will become one of the top 5 hotels and the new landmark in Lijubljana city. Attributed to the consistently persued quality standard, ORBITA hotel lock, safe and other products are selected to equip this brand new hotel which will surely become a new shining reference for ORBITA products in Europe.

Grand Plaza, Ljubljana