Smart Electronic Door Lock Buying Precautions Hotels Should See

2021-08-21 10:46
If you are planning to open a hotel or want to replace your old door locks with an old hotel / hotel, I highly recommend that you read this article

How to choose the electronic hotel door lock that suits you best

1. Check the surroundings, conditions and requirements for the next hotel job.

The dry humidity and temperature of the environment of use should be considered, as well as the structure and thickness of the door, left or right opening, internal or external opening, to avoid buying the wrong product.

E4131 ORBITA LCD hotel lock hotel's electronic lock

2. Consider coordinating with the decorative setting.

According to your own preferences, when buying hotel electronic lock products, you should consider that the coordination and combination of your bedroom / door should be as consistent as possible.

3. Consider the reputation and service standards of the hotel's electronic lock brand and distributors.

This is very important, a good brand hotel lock will definitely have a good reputation, good product quality and a level of after-sales service. If you buy a cheap but not very popular electronic hotel lock, there may be nothing wrong with using it earlier. After only half a year or a year of wear and tear, various problems with electronic locks will start to appear. Therefore, when choosing a hotel electronic door lock, you should pay attention to the warranty time of the product, and it is better to choose 2-3 years.