Features and functions of the intelligent RFID system for intelligent transportation

2021-12-03 14:01
With the rapid development of the national economy, the number of city cars has continued to increase. While cars have led people to fast and convenient transportation, they have also caused a lot of inconvenience due to poor parking management and other issues. Therefore, in recent years, intelligent transportation RFID intelligent systems have become a new topic that many knowledgeable people focus on, so what are the characteristics of intelligent transportation intelligent RFID system? What is the role of the intelligent RFID system?

Intelligent transportation intelligent RFID system adopts electronic tag pass and computer authorization management system. Compared with the traditional vehicle management system, it mainly has the following advantages:

1. Automation of information collection
Vehicle information is automatically collected over a long distance to prevent manual operations and fraud. At the same time, users can perform operations such as querying, summarizing, and printing as required, thus achieving automation of information gathering.
2. Continuous deduction
Using RFID can make deductions unrelated to long-distance parking. Holders of monthly cards and stored value cards can freely enter the parking lot. Parking fees are calculated and confirmed by computer, eliminating errors and pitfalls caused by human operations and protecting investors Profit.
3. Security and fight against counterfeiting
It adopts the world's most advanced contactless smart card technology, with good anti-counterfeiting performance. The parked vehicle has a smart card with a unique serial number. The serial number cannot be changed. At the same time, the bi-directional verification mechanism and multiple encryption technology are used during operation to uniquely identify and cannot be falsified.
4. Avoid wrecking the car.
The barriers are raised or lowered automatically according to the traffic conditions of the vehicle and have the dual anti-crush functions of the ground sensing devices and electric pressure waves.
5. Configuration of permissions
Real-time communication can be done using one computer and several load computers, and the management computer has an external line interface.
6. Flexible configuration
The standard structure of the industrial control system is adopted, and the configuration of different systems can be arranged according to the different requirements of users, which is convenient and flexible.